Image3Whether your incident involves an auto accident, slip and fall, dog bite or workers compensation our office can assist and help you get the best possible result. We can pursue your matter through litigation and jury verdict or obtain a settlement without the necessity of trial. When you are involved in an accident it is critical to know your rights and how to proceed. Some injuries require prompt notice in order to protect your rights to receive damages. Your failure to give notice may forever affect your recovery.

If you are injured recovery of damages is only one part of what we do. This may be a turbulent time for you. Medical bills lost wages and an inability to pay your bills. We listen to your concerns and help guide you and provide alternatives that you may not have thought of. We may not have seen every type of incident or tragedy but throughout the years have been able to store a wide wealth of experience and knowledge that will benefit you.

As with all personal injury matters no fee is paid to our office unless we recover monies for you.

Although the pursuit of an injury claim as the result of an auto accident may appear to be easy, many considerations must be considered. They include whether the other party involved has insurance and whether there is enough to cover your injuries. If not then an investigation of your own insurance or others that you may be covered under is important. The time frame to pursue a claim is different for your injuries, property damage and any claims you have against your own policy for injuries. Prompt action is required to insure your rights are not lost forever.

These injuries are most common in retail establishment where the person is injured due to a slippery foreign substance. If this occurs immediate notice to the business is essential. These claims are vigorously defended. An investigation of the events, witnesses and actions of the business is critical.

These injuries can occur when the owner of a business or property fails to maintain or repair its property. As a result an injury occurs. As with a slip and fall notice to the owner or business immediately is important. These claims may require expert or investigative reports to determine if a defect exists. This must take place quickly as the conditions that caused the injury may be changed by the owner or business after the incident.

On the job injuries can result in a claim for Workers Compensation benefits. They include weekly benefits to replace lost wages, medical benefits and payments for medical treatment. On the happening of an injury at work, an incident report with your employer is required. That provides notice to your employer of the incident to hopefully avoid a later denial by your employer.

If your employer denies your claim it can be pursued through the Court system. Time frames to pursue your claim must be followed to avoid losing your rights.