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We understand you might have a lot of questions about your particular legal situation. To help, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help. If you have a question that isn’t covered here, McCormick Law Offices is here to help. Click here to contact us.

McCormick Law Offices handles probate and wills, car accidents, personal injury, bankruptcy, family and divorce law, landlord tenant disputes, debt collection, and business law.

It depends on the service, but in a personal injury case, there is never a charge for legal fees unless we recover compensation for our clients. We offer flexible payment arrangements that include contingency fees, lump-sum fees and hourly billing. Our Quick Will service is just $150.

A Quick Will done by McCormick Law Offices is an affordable and contactless service that establishes a state-specific will to protect your estate. It is always best to plan ahead and not leave your estate in disorder for grieving loved ones to sort out.  

We can conduct an online-only price of $150 to get a state-specific will done quickly.  A will prepared by someone who understands state laws is smarter and safer than going with a national company. You can always visit our office with questions or concerns about your Quick Will.

Our office will discuss with you prior to your consultation what are the important documents for that meeting, which will allow us to focus on the critical issues at the initial meeting.

If your matter involves litigation, the process will take some time to make its way through the court system. If your matter eventually involves a trial, it could take many months and possibly years to resolve, which is one reason we in most circumstances try to obtain a favorable resolution for the client without the need for a trial.

Ed McCormick has spent 33 years as member of the Rhode Island Bar, 32 years as member of Federal Bar for Rhode Island, and 18 years as a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

Your appearance in court will depend on the nature of the litigation. However, routinely there are court appearances that your attorney can handle without your having to appear.

The time to file suit will depend on the nature of your claim. Rhode Island has different limitation periods for different types of claims. It is important that you contact a lawyer as soon as you believe that you have been wronged so that your claim can be evaluated.

Every claim has its own unique value, which depends on your circumstances, the nature of the claim, and the other party’s willingness to resolve your dispute. With all of the facts before us, we can properly evaluate your claim and the potential timeframe wherein your claim maybe resolved.