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Probate involves administering someone’s estate whether they have a will or not. Probate in Rhode Island is filed in the town where the person resided when they passed, and it involves collecting the assets of the decedent, paying bills, and selling assets including a home and distributing balance to heirs either by the will or to heirs at law. Probate involves many timelines and filings, including to the Division of Taxation. A well administered probate estate will benefit the heirs and beneficiaries by providing a prompt distribution of the assets. Not every attorney has experience dealing with Probate, so you want to chose an attorney who can guide you properly.

Estate Planning isn’t just for the wealthy

Some regard estate planning and the drafting of wills and trusts as something that wealthy people do. However, the reality of the situation is that smart estate planning with help from a lawyer can also protect and control assets for families with modest means.  Proper legal representation can even enable young parents to outline the guardianship of children if both parents are incapacitated or deceased. These important documents can ensure the smooth transfer of assets and can even provide peace of mind to heirs.

Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your loved ones when the time comes?

estate planning services by Mccormick law

McCormick Law Offices in Cranston has a strong estate planning background of working with clients in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We can even draft a simple straightforward will for free and then provide assistance during its administration and probate process. Whether the clients’ goals are straightforward or more complicated, we work with them to determine an effective strategy that minimizes expenses like probate while also avoiding unnecessary disputes or confusion.

No one wants to have a conversation about estate planning, but avoiding it won’t make it go away. McCormick Law can help you handle:

  • Drafting a will: More than simply saying who gets what, a will can cover a wide variety of issues.
  • Creating a trust: Because they avoid the probate process, these can be useful for managing a large number of complex assets, or help manage the financial affairs of a minor or benefactor who is unable to care for themselves.
  • Durable power of attorney: This authorizes an individual to look after a testator’s affairs if they become incapacitated.
  • Living will: Similar to power of attorney, a living will outlines the medical care the testator receives if they are incapacitated or terminally ill.
  • ProbateThis is a process where the court reviews the will and ensures that all matters are legal in the eyes of the state.
  • Representation in will contests: Our strong background in litigation translates to valuable guidance to family members if the case is disputed in probate court or Superior Court.
WE’ll help protect your family

It is always best to plan ahead and not leave estate in disorder for grieving loved ones to sort out. Contact McCormick Law Offices today to protect your family and plan your estate.