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family matters

Family law includes all legal matters tied to marriage and parental obligations. Common examples include couples filing for divorce, parents involved in a child custody or support dispute, petitioning for adoption and issues with minor children that can include criminal matters. We understand that it is often a stressful time for parents, children and loved ones on an emotional level. As a legal dispute, it can take months to sort out as finances, legal rights and other unique issues are considered.

Do you have the right family lawyer on your side?

Family Law by Mccormick Law Offices

We often work with families on issues that can be handled through mediation or negotiation, knowing that this can be less stressful, less expensive and take less time. It can even provide a template for how parents will work together as they raise their children. However, litigation may be necessary to protect the individual and parental rights of the clients if the two sides do not see eye to eye.

With more than 25 years of experience, Ed McCormick is a lawyer who has extensive experience handling many types of legal matters. He often represents clients in the following family law issues:

  • Divorce: From initial consultation to final negotiation, we knowledgeably guide clients through this process.
  • Custody: The courts generally favor joint custody so both parents have equal say in their children’s upbringing. This may even be the case with parents who never married.
  • Parenting plans: This involves the custodial details of where children live, holiday schedules, daily parental obligations, visitation rights and other matters.
  • Child support: The state utilizes a formula that involves number of children, income of both parents and the needs of the family.
  • Adoption: This administrative process takes time, a large amount of paperwork, and the ability to effectively navigate private and public organizations.
  • Modifications: We take all foreseeable into account when drawing up agreements, but the needs of the children and parents can change unexpectedly from time to time.
  • Annulments: While divorce terminates a contract, annulment invalidates the original contract.
  • Premarital agreements:These are useful to outline financial obligation, protect certain assets or address other unique issues.
Your family matters to us

At McCormick Law Offices in Cranston, we understand that the needs of each family law case are as unique as the people involved. Contact us today to discus your legal goals and a strategy that works best for you and your family.